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About me

Nils Wloka

I am a passionate software developer with more than a decade of experience in designing and implementing software solutions for small and large businesses. I currently work for OPITZ CONSULTING, where I act as coach and software architect with a focus on Java EE based solutions and test automation.

Favouring lightweight processes and tools, I have a long history working with and teaching the Spring Framework, including writing for the german Java Magazin and co-authoring two practice-oriented books.

While coming from a mainly technical background, I have always held a strong belief in the principles of the Agile Manifesto. Acting as internal coach over the course of the last three years gave me the chance to focus more on the "soft" aspects of our profession. Today I am happy to be able to spend a significant amount of my time coaching teams on their way to agile and lean software development while promoting the ideas of software craftsmanship.